Glitter, glue, paint, foam sheets, fabric—I am an arts and crafts girl at heart. Actually, I suspect I’m more craft and kitsch. While my work is pretty far from the real Arts and Crafts Movement, I am inspired by ideas of individuality, craftsmanship, handiwork, and finding pure satisfaction in my end product. Mass production is convenient, but it’s still nice to have something that everyone doesn’t have and you personally made from start to finish.

I often get asked to do arts and craft birthday parties by moms who prefer the kids seated with busy hands than a whole room of children cannon-balling into the furniture and china. Preparing for these parties are a treat. I hate doing the same craft every single time so I’m challenged to think up of new ones.

I often visit other craft sites. The work out there is awesome and I only hope my craft blog will follow in their stitches. I also get inspiration from others work and add my own twist to it. While everything is mimesis, it doesn’t mean being an awful copycat. Crafting is all about very personal ideas and aesthetics. Craft blogs like mine are meant to get people crafting their own things and not just repeating what they’ve seen. Might as well buy from the mall if that’s the case.

Decoupage, scrapbooking, felt crafts, paper crafts, stenciling—I’m most experienced in these craft areas. I’m getting more involved in needlework and crazy quilting. I’d love to learn traditional block printing on fabric and dream of owning a little letterpress machine. If you know of any of the above, drop me a post!


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