Till Death Do Us Party

I recently had the pleasure of being part of one of the most creative weddings here in Manila. My friends, Angelo and Rin, recently tied the knot with a unique DIY ceremony they entitled “Till Death Do Us Party”.

As a rock & roll couple (they both play in bands), and with Rin’s penchant for skulls, I volunteered to sew a ring bearer’s pillow for them. I embroidered velvet cloth with a sugar-skull inspired design. It went perfect with their custom-made wedding rings.


New Felties

I sewed some new felties in time for the 10A Alabama Art Exchange last weekend. On my way there, my friends and I stopped to have lunch at nomnomnom, a yummy place I would eat at everyday if I could!

I had gotten myself a Lumix LX3 last Christmas and decided to take some pictures at the restaurant while the sun was out.

I'm pretty sure owls don't reside in bird houses, but it was too cute to pass up!


little bit of a ham, this owl--always posing...


Russian doll sailing off to a better life


my little customer asked to have a smile added; couple of backstitches after, Russian dolly is off to her new home with 8-year old Marty

10A Alabama Art Exchange July 2-3

I was part of a wonderful arts and crafts fair last weekend in New Manila. Over twelve indie artists and crafters, including myself, set out our handmade items ranging from fabric art to jewelry to magic wands.

It was the second Alabama Art Exchange where the rules were to buy art or simply exchange it for another handmade piece. The venue added to the indie feel of the fair-–a converted 1950′s home that now houses two ventures: Resurrection, an upcycled and found-objects furniture store by architect Leah Sanchez, and the Hausbesetzer Laboratory, brainchild of documentary director and photographer, Jet Rafael (whose Van Gogh is Bi-Polar restaurant also has a cult following).

I displayed my felties, but ended up getting more inquiries about the buntings, so I’m sewing more now for the next fair. It seems like people are looking to use it for children’s rooms so I was thinking of calling it Baby Bunting–what do you think?

Check out my pictures below. Thank you to Robert Alejandro for completing my display with your lovely banner!

my little display at the fair with a sign drawn by Robert on-the-spot

other artists included Nikki (seated, left) with her upcycled jewelry, and Ginny (black shirt) who makes the most awesome portraits using black thread

Gaby, Marty, and Lucas (all under the age of 13) made super fun wands from chopsticks and other art materials

fantastic wall art made of pencils by another artist at the fair

A Handmade Christmas

For most of December 2009, I was stuck in bed recuperating from  surgery. When I had managed to finally sit up without keeling over during week 2.5, I began finishing up my holiday gifts.

I’m lucky I have friends who like quirky, kitschy stuff. All of these are feltie pins and I actually surprised myself with how well they turned out. The design choices are based on my friends’ personalities, the tooth being the only special request from the bunch.

Most of the felties are around 2 inches tall. A real killer for the fingers, I tell you. I also did some larger ones–around 4.5 x3.5 inches. It was fun to do and very simple especially if you’re used to working with felt. I’m quite a stickler for making the back part look as neat as the front, which contributed to my snail’s pace sewing. Best part were the reactions when I finally handed them out.

Here’s my first batch of feltie pins!